Monday, 1 September 2008

walllleyyyyy ^_^


here comes ramadhan. the one moment I've been waiting for my whole year. it's not because of Syawal but ramadhan reminds of so many good things that happened last year, and the past few years. every ramadhan makes me happy and i bet it will continue to be making me happier. i hope i can fulfill all the ibadah, and fast well, sincerely, inshaallah, amin...

talking about happiness, that day i watched the cutest movie of all : wall-e. disney and pixar are genius! i am soo touched by this film. it reminds me of ourselves. of myself. who loves someone unconditionally, and loves that someone very much. awww so cute. teary-eyed~

i can't tell u bout it here, you have to watch it for yourself. although mat and i went on Wednesday, (murah day) but still, it is worth the money. hihi :D from the moment till the end, wall-e did not have to say a single word to impress eve (the female robot). action speaks louder than words! how true is that? :P

and, it also really reflects the humans, the earth and how ridiculous, and stupid human can be, one day, in the future. watch it ppl, and dun forget to comment here after you watch it. i give 4 1/2 stars, out of 5, to the magnificent movie, wall-e



Anonymous said...

Patut la mat kate cite tu best...
Dia tgk ngan hang rupa nye...

Your Average Mat said...

I heard this movie not good.. but got to see it for meself.. which mat are talking bout here.. we didnt go together??

heheh.. just kidding..

mi amor

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