Sunday, 28 September 2008

pictures of you

syura :D

firdaus, shafiq and amiran. three notty boys

amin the best listener in class

the very cute zambri who gave me two raya cards :D

izham the goody boy

pauline :D

the scenery of 2L1

nina and dayah; the two girls who keep on telling how 'tak garang' i am

Rafidah, very shy but can be really loud

syakilla, loud and funny :D

the prettiest girl in 2L1; syuhadah the hot chick

the very cute yet naughty angels; rizal, rusdi and firdaus

the very shy shy girls of 2S1

naughty boys of 2S1; faiz, hafis, fitri (he's a genius), and my lil bro, nazim

and this guy will always be my baby :)

selamat hari raya to all of you :D


k3i said...

oooo tidak!!!
aku xsuke btol trend budak2 pakai tdg kelepet camtu..huduhhhhh!!!!!

oi..btoi ka xde ati nak ngajo dah ni??
aku rs cara plg boleh buat hg sedar ialah....pekate hg try sumthing else..then compare la..

and for me... after all these while doing various jobs.. i still lurveeeeeeeeee teaching.. big kids la tapi..huahua..less pressure loh..


find the meaning urself k??!


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hyfa hasan said...

akak ni cikgu ekk??

nurul said...

yg last part tu yg xtahan tu
murid besau..hahhaa

mi amor

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