Friday, 24 October 2008

me? nani?


just finished practicum, all the messy lesson plans will be history. and now comes a new burden. the big, fat, project paper. urghh..
just to think of it halfway make me wanna, throw up. so many things to do so little time, so limited sources, so low budget, so small support. gee. ngee. nguuhhh.. ouch

anyway, still, even in the busiest moment of life i wana hang out and enjoy with friends and family. all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, remember? me? i play all the time haha ..

hey, actually i applied for the short script writing course in Astro, it's international one and it's gonna be really big! omg! i'm really nervous to know whether i will be accepted or not. i hope i will, just to open my eye about script writing hehe. i wana be a part of it.
anyway, i also am working on 2 short stories for next semester. any idea ppl? i've got an idea for one story already. i will be needing another idea and dun worry, i'll acknowledge you. hiks

well, if i wanna start to be a writer, i gotta start now. no hesitation, pls nani.

p/s. i just wish my writings are a bit flowery with all the figurative languages, but i just couldn't do that. like my friend, li ann said, "look at Mitch Albom, nani. He did not use all the flowery languages, yet we cried reading his book, ain't we? so, flower or not, not important lah".
i couldn't agree more, Li Ann :)

salam :D

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Lekays said...

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