Sunday, 26 October 2008

couldn't get enough of raya



si comels :P

tiga dara pingitan; nani, nona, atie. all taken, i guess? :P


went to nona's open house yesterday. got some stomach full :D and went to lepak with panda, atie, ustat, and my mat :) wait and wait for iqa and jimmie to show, but couldn't wait long enuf coz mum keeps on calling me asking 'bila nak balik?'..huhu.. just some pictures from my sis's D60, testing my skill. panda and mat were also testing their skills. somehow, they admitted they had skills too. haha :D

anyway, here are some of the many pictures :D

panda had lots of shots, but this is the best one i guess :D

my mat doing his thingy..

ustat and atie :)

ustat and atie, againmd zaini and hanani


k3i said...

waahh..nona makin berseri. mkn ape? haha

wanderfulmadnificent said...

u and mat ada la muka sama (says milah to every couple, hehe)

haha, and now me agreeing ;p

Hannanika Chan said...

muka sama? really? hehe..amin :P

mi amor

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