Sunday, 9 November 2008

rain, rain, go away. or maybe just stay.

hey all. it's raining and i couldn't go out to play basketball. and, it demotivates me even more to go play ping pong. huh.
basketball is like my favourite thing right now. besides badminton, netball, volleyball, and futsal. couldn't play futsal becoz there are no girls playing futsal here in Sg Petani. none play volleyball (it's not a favorite here) and the girls are too lazy to play netball. and maybe they have lost the interest to play becoz many of em switched to basketball. one of em is me :I. well, i still love my netball skills and will try for the team next year. or even badminton.

and now i couldn't wash my clothes. it's raining. another excuse, another reason,
gosh, i saw the pesona NONA ad on tv just now. I wonder if i just giv it a try. would it be ok? ahaha. maybe next year. when everything is not this hectic. hehe

and, i was invited to Ijot's engagement and i self elected as photographer-lala. haha. just wanna have fun. ye ye. ijot nak tunang dah :D another friend, getting engaged. me? when? haha :D ask him

anyway, congratulations to my bff, kema for her posting in La Salle, PJ. when i heard it, i laughed. gently. well, all i can say is, good luck. and..u'll be a hot tcher there. hahaks.

well, there's the advertisement on how to lose fat on tv. so easy.i think ppl who went through all the losing weight program had to lose weight because of the fact that they have spent all their money there. it's like, psychology, u noe. poket kering, badan pun kering. aku yg tak kering2 lagi. ahaha :D

yeah, for those who stays in SP, go and try HotMas. Grill chicken very tasty. haha

okay. my proposal done oledi. all ok just sum adjustment. i just cannot do it becoz so lazy. need to change, need to change. nani. change. and boyfriend, i miss u la :O

dats all ppl
bye :D


Mr Daha said...

Gosh, what an interesting blog.. hehe.. I just read one of your post. dont hav time to read it all. ha3. Em.. i agree with what u say bout hotmas.. yeah, the place and food are great. But the service quite poor cuz lots of ppl and u hav to wait long for ur meal.. so, i rarely eat there. Just go to ahsan sani jela.. easier, cheaper, quicker and lots of friends and new couple.. heheehe. gossip2.. :D

k3i said...

ceit..gelak kay aku ye??? xpe..i wish u'll b posted to the most cerukss in mesia! hahaha

la salle...hum...what else can i say.. stop by la kalo dekat.. bwk aku jln2.

aku xmahu sesat lagik!! huhu

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