Monday, 22 November 2010

bye-bye electric blue

I have announced that the colour of my wedding theme is electric blue previously but I've changed due to inconsistency of the colour blend with skin tone and many other problems. so we have bought all the kains during our Bandung trip. Damn cheap. I did not take the over-the-top laces because I love simplicity. So I went for the semi-french lace, without beading, 4.5 ms of golden brown satin, and 4.5 ms of shantung silk for my fiancée. Another same measurements for our Solemnization. That means altogether we bought our reception and nikah attire, for both of us, 2 pairs for each and it costs us only 106 0000 rp which is RM371 in total. Alhamdulillah.
so the colour for my reception is


golden brown
(note: this is not actual kain, just the colour i googled)

and as for our solemnization we stick to the sweet traditional off-white :)
that's the update so far.
the only wedding things i bought in Bandung was the lace. Did not buy any doorgifts or wedding invitation because we decided to do it in Malaysia.

we're getting there. InshaAllah.


Anonymous said...

so, boleh la kitorang pakai electric blue..kan??? heheheh

nani said...

hahaha. boleh ja. pakai plummmmm la. hehehehe

mi amor

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