Tuesday, 26 July 2011

"nobody's perfect" is a lame alibi

I sigh really hard when my students used the "nobody's perfect" quote as an excuse for them to not excel and to make mistakes. When I told them I want them to get 19 right out of 25 questions they went "nobody's perfect, teacher" or the cheeky ones "making mistakes makes us better". urrrggghh. Malas layan dah alasan macam tu. Orang cipta quotation untuk kebaikan pandai pulak diorang putar alam. Now good things have turned into excuses that people use so that they will be comfortable making flaws. The world is not the place I used to know, day by day. sadly :'(

Nobody's perfect but being imperfect is not an excuse to make mistakes. Challenge me with a more interrogating   excuse, please? Bring it on!

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