Friday, 10 April 2009

my 100th post


what can i say,

it's good to be home.

this is my 100th post.
there are so many incomplete things in my life.
well, to think of it, i'm only 24.
i have more time to think about how to complete it in time.
but the best part is,
it's always good to be home.
i'm 24 and i am home
still at home,
and i am still in the denying phase
because i have to leave this so comfortable-full-of-love home in 2 months time
i couldn't imagine how sad i would turn out to be
i have never been this homesick before
this is my first time to be.

i was in boarding school since form 1.
when everybody was hell crying over the public phone with their mother
i just watch.
i am not that tangled up with mama abah and siblings yet.
when i was there, i wasn't homesick

but now, i feel it, in my nerves, to the fullest extensions.
i will be homesick in the next 2 months. and i am still homesick.

i wish i could be posted right next to my housing area.

well. itsokay.
enuff of homesick already. i am sick of it


how many times do i have to tell you in this blog that i have the bestest coursemates ever?
yeah hell they are

and i willl keeepp telllllliiiinnngggg :P

one weekend it was bowling weekend.
then last week was picnic at lata bayu.
and did i mention about our addiction and obsession to ping pong?
everyone is getting a grip of ping pong. kewl huh?

"akak, korang kecoh a kat tempat bowling. seronok je tengok"

haha. very malu.

and..then what?
we only have the 2 months together.
after that
we are gona be all on our own.

let's do what we want, shall we? :)


April Fimbristylis said...

yeah, at least you got to be home. just to tell you that could you please sometimes watch what you were saying? some of the things really hurt, particularly what u said in class that day. i know im laser too,but i know those things never happened to you, maybe you don't know how it truly feels. i'm telling this because you're my friend, and what you said the other day just hurts as hell. i'm blacklisted evanna and lutfi, but i appreciate you, that's why i have to tell you this rather than pendam je.

Mr Daha said...

Waa.. dah 100post ke? hebatnyer.. :)
aku pnye br 54.. hu3

Hannanika Chan said...

@wani: sayang u :) dh 0-0 kn?
@daha: huhu.ciayok!

wanderfulmadnificent said...

big problem: nak sep! :(

gda Mokhtar said...

in 2 months time, things will be different...but not the people, hopefully!

i second maddy's: we wanna hav fun, but got not enough money. ni belum pikir nak survive masa awal keja lg ni!!!

April Fimbristylis said...

yeah, completely 0-0. huhu.. I LOVE YOU too.. muah2.. thanks for the kitkat. jap lagi aku nak kitkat hang.

mi amor

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