Monday, 6 July 2009

the small things

i went to pejabat MARA just now, just to ask for the terms and condition for 'Pinjaman Pelajaran MARA melalui Skim Pelajar Cemerlang'.
went there with my sis, who drove the car like mad.
(i duno the way, so my sis drove la)
then when i got to the counter, i asked "nak pergi bahagian penganjuran pelajaran?"
then the kakak said
"tapi adik pakai selipar. tak boleh masuk"
"tak boleh ke kak? selipar saya macam sandal je."
"tak boleh dik".

i don't blame the kakak.
my bad.
why do i forget a small thing for such a major process of life?
well, serves me right for taking things for granted.

ok, kakak, i will come back tomorrow with more decent shoes and appropriate top.
(and on the board says no jeans, too)

why didn't i ask mat about the clothes coding before i went there?
because i couldn't care less.

serves me right!


Md Zaini Zulkufli said...

sori..b pun lupa nak bgtau kamu pasal ni..huhu

k3i said...

tu la~~~huhu

mi amor

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