Sunday, 5 September 2010

selamat hari jadi sayang :)

owh, i know u wana vomit reading the post title just.
but, say what you wana, this is his last birthday as a bachelor, so don't stand in my way.
what can i say about you, fiancé?
since it's ur 25th (oops) birthday here are 25 random facts about you.
1. you're cute
2. your hair is messy but they are in great shape.
3. you're funny at times.
4. you asked stupid questions.
5. you're naive in the cutest way ever. like ever.
6. you may seem a lil bz after you've been working but that doesn't change a thing.
7. you like me.
8. you bring out the best in me.
9. you're a great listener.
10. you're a bad story teller.
11. you always put me first.
12. you futsal a lot. like really a lot.
13. you panic easily, but you're cute when you are.
14. i quite miss you.
15. i wana have a great marriage wit ya.
16. you're so good in karaoke-ing.
17. football is always ur thing.
18. you're not that good in making decisions but you tried.
19. you'd go me over food.
20. you're strong .
21. you are the nicest person on earth.
22. you are brilliantly, hyperbolically smart and intelligent. genius.
23. you walk rather fast.
24. you are wonderful. i wana grow old with you.
25. you are the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. my greatest mistake, and my greatest right. you're the best :)

happy birthday,
Md Zaini Bin Zulkufli

i heart you


Nad.Cydot said...

auw, so suwit ! :D
anyway, Happy Birthday Cik Mat a.k.a Miss Nani fiance :)

*wink wink*

Md Zaini Zulkufli said...

thanks syg :)
i heart u too :)

kema said...

whoaaa...manis macam gule gule.
hntr the star, confirm leh publish ni... wink wink...

hepi birthday mat.

really cant wait 4 u guy' s wedding!!! weeeeeeeee

[z@ck] said...

super sweet!

n a n i h a said...

hye nani hananika.i just like ur post.sweet:)

and btw, nk ckp sikit dekat anonymous yang banyak kat atas ni, u are such a coward. we all know that u are the same person. Kalau u betul2 xsuka, kenape xnak letak your true identity?And from your words, i think you are a teacher too. and maybe teach at the same school. A teacher should behave like a teacher.but you are not behaving like one, dear.

mesti student u lagi malu dapat teacher macam u.haih.

get a life please.if u dont like your life, dont drag others to your messy life too.

mi amor

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