Wednesday, 13 October 2010

jack of all trades

Jack of all trades
master of none.

i am in that mode at the moment.
in 2 hours time i'll be off to Pendang for PSKPPK netball tournament representing, the Langkawi island.
Jack is seen as the bad guy here. but i opt to be Jack. I think he's cool to be a multitasker.
Experience is virtue, you see :)
and who says this fat Jack is incapable of sports.
it's my middle name!
(maddy, i teringat kita swimming for maktab, vey the rindu kan?)

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wanderfulmadnificent said...

just jump! that's what i say and my fiance say

pejam mata, jalan!

hehe ;)

and who cares whether you're jack or jill, as long as you're happy and satisfied, wuuhuu!!

mi amor

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