Thursday, 7 October 2010

wani's engagement

i was disappointed and furious with myself for not attending wani's engagement
i'm so sorry darl, as your future bridesmaid, i shouldn't be absent :(
i was busy with PMR camps and PMR taklimat. sorry again
i just wana say congratulations darling, you're another step to a new phase in your life.
I salute you for keeping that beautiful relationship with your fiancee, Zul for how many years...? 6 eh?
anyway, u looked really pretty on that day and I couldn't wait for the wedding! (bridesmaid cuak ney)
Love you! besties for life
(so jealous milah and maddy were there!)

 wani so pretty! love the make up, love the colour~

wani's fren (ke cousin?), wani, maddy and milah
jeles jelesssss!

wani, i wish you all the best in the world.
friends till Jannah. amin.


April Fimbristylis said...

honestly, i was pretty disappointed cause you couldnt attend, but i understand your predicaments, yes the pictures looked empty without you in it, but dun worry my friend, i noe you had things came up in a sudden.
the one is not cousin, she is also a friend.
to milah and maddy, thanks to both of them for showing up, they mean a lot to me, and you too my bridesmaid, although you were not in the picture, you are always in my heart.
we'll meet this 4th dec, i hope you can come down malacca early, maybe we can have bachelorette party, perhaps? hehe...
and pray for me so that my application to langkawi will be approve, then we can become geng gossip! (milah, nanti kite akan rindu kat ang!)
and pray that my relationship with zul would last forever (and under Allah's bless - the nikah) :P, we have been together for almost 7 years.
I hope you like the bridesmaid dress i chose for you, and if possible i want mat zaini to come and he must wear pink too!
Nani, you are always my bestie, no matter how far or what phase of life i've entered, and i'm started to feel nervous now!
May our friendship lasts till Jannah, my friend. See you real soon, babe. :)

nani said...

oh wani..tears, saja nak wat i nangessss :(

mi amor

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