Friday, 26 June 2009

the last goodbye


when i was writing this

all the cohort 2 girls on my floor has gone back

for good.

yes, i'm the last person to leave block H.

it was the most, teary moment ever.

we cried our heart out when we sent wani away yesterday.

and after that i have no tears anymore.

this is the last goodbye to my fellow cohort 2.


to all my friends,

i dedicate for you the song

"the last goodbye" by atomic kitten.

sometimes i wish we could do it all over again.

but sometimes i wish we'd just move on and tell stories

when we see each other again.

all the best guys

be a good teacher

i love you


wanderfulmadnificent said...

izzit really last goodbye?!

April Fimbristylis said...

nani, my heart is still crying, my eyes are still teary, its not a last good bye for me, because all i wanted is to see you all again, harap persahabatan kita semua kekal hingga akhirat. amin.

Hafiz-u-ddin said...

kak nani....

sorry for everything....

nice to know you..

dont forget us

Hannanika Chan said...

well. konon2 last goodbye for the whole course :P hehehe :)

i'm sure we'll meet again
in different forms :P
love u ppl
nice to know u too!

**u_nie~~~ said...

hye k.nani..
even xrpat tpi uni nk wish gak all the best...
hope jdi ckgu yg bkualiti..
mnta maaf klu daa slh n slp eh... tke cre...

Your Average Mat said...

goodbye? aiyo... this is just beginning gurl. will still be seeing more of youss peopleess in the future..

ejat said...

chaiyok guys ^_^

mi amor

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