Friday, 5 June 2009

where do we go from here?

my coursemates and i were having one of the most boring and torturing part of our course which is the KISSM. (kursus induksi sistem saraan Malaysia) This course is for government servants who want to start working with the governmnet and to validate their position. In BM we call it, Pengesahan Jawatan. and i noe, despite all the boring talks and bla bla bla, this will be worth it, for us to be valid as a teacher, and easier for us to claim, sit for PTK and get lotsa raises, or even ask for holidays. i just knew that if i'm not a valid teacher, i would never get to ask for holidays. so, i have to be valid first. hahaha. whatever

but, the thing that got conversations became 'hotter' between friends is that how would we pursue our studies as postgraduates students in the years to come?
many hope to get scholarship for their masters degree.
which i noe would be really impossible for me as i only obtain second class upper results (3.5-3.75)
browsing thru the net i could find sum alternatives
which is the MARA loan for studies.
and also i couldn't stop browsing for the courses offered and i was really interested in MA contemporary literature.

you see?
how much i have grown to be a person i am right now?
having the guts to decide for my own future was something i noe i would do best.
and having to strive for my future would mean a lot to me
and i thought of doing it in UK.
i noe, yeah..everyone wants to go oversea to study.
ppl have been asking why do we have to go to UK to do it?
local universities not good enough?

everyone wants the best for him/herself including me
if i have better options, then why should i resist?
it's not that i am saying that local universities are no good.
i love local product.
just imagine the experience i could get from other world, and whatsmore, i could bring all the knowledge i gain back here?
whatever anyone wants to say about my plan
to go UK for my MA in contemporary literature and culture
i would carry on.
challenges makes the best effort
bring it on!


Your Average Mat said...

congrats on the results. Good luck with future studies and all dude.

PoetryGirl said...

Mari buat M.A. in Literature bersama aku dan Maddy, huhu... Lurp you.

mi amor

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