Wednesday, 24 June 2009

I always forgot

Sometimes I forgot to thank God for what God has done to me lately.

God had answered my prayers for a loving and understanding soulmate.
For he whom I will never find again,
no matter how far and near, high and low I search for him
This precious chance will be like banana
Which only came out once from the single tree that soon will be cut off

God had granted my wishes for time to heal all the unwanted broken pieces of my life
To fade away
Although they will still be tatooed deep through the most complicated part of my heart
Which I will never be able to find even with the help of CSI
And let that be.

God had given me the greatest discoveries of life
Of friendship and of cute, naughty, sweat-smelled students
Whose laughter and smiles make me ever so drifted and carried away
Making me a person who I wanted to be

God had made time pass by so difficult and sometimes so easy
Especially in having to finish a 6 years degree course
Owh, you’ll never know how much patience had become a part of you
Unless you are my coursemate

Can I ask for one more thing,
Dear God?
Can I have the strength to go on
For tomorrow
I want to be
And have
The dream I dreamt
Can You please let me go again
Through all
The asteroids
The storm
The rain

I yearn for strength.
To move on, taking my next step.
Just another master’s degree.
MA in literature.

I am making a big fuss about this,
Don’t I?

and yes, again
Thank You Allah
Alhamdulillah :D


Md Zaini Zulkufli said...

semoga tuhan makbulkan apa yang kamu impikan. amin.

FaRiD_Aziz89 said...

Come on Kak Nani..

just move on...

do what you want...

it's your future...


mi amor

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