Wednesday, 17 December 2008

addiction is fatal

i am currently addicted to:

fynn jamal

1) fynn jamal is a poet cum singer. she's more to poetry. i've never seen her live, no chance. i have no idea of her background but i've read her blog and i've seen her in so many videos and youtube. and she is really amazing. an indie poet who really loves art, which is very obvious.

watch this. it's really great :)
Fynn Jamal : Puisi perempuan curang

2) yuna, on the other hand is an indie singer/songwriter who just launched an EP. tell u the truth all her songs were really great. never seen her live neither, but i have downloaded her songs and watched her on youtube. and to make my grin bigger, she wears hijab, which is very rare for indie girls, an inspiration. and besides, hijab or not, she IS very talented. that's what count most.

watch this, u should!
Yuna - rocket at her EP launch

salute to all the talented ppl in Malaysia. we really appreciate ur talent. pls dun be famous. i'd rather see u on youtbe :)

salam :D bye


Anonymous said...

ha...u bet..yuna is amazing.others like najwa and ana raffali are also awesome!

Fynn Jamal said...

yuna is a great friend of mine.
sama2 blogging di zaman org baru belajar friendster.

sgt lama.
she is, truly, a real diamond.
tak pernah jumpa manusia se humble dia. and her kekasih is so kool. u know fungus? another friend of mine.

(syy... hehe)

therefore, i should be bawah her name. jd segan pula. i shout, not sing.


terima kasih, dik.

mi amor

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