Friday, 5 December 2008

much ado about sooo many things :D

One fine day, I went to the gymnasium to ask for the packages that they offer. And before I went to the gymnasium, I was offered a makeover by MAC professional make up artist and my face turned out really great. Hu? I was walking at the center court KLCC and there was this red-she said promotion by MAC. I didn’t even look at what was going on and suddenly these girls (pretty and sexy) came to me and said that they want to do sumting to my face. I asked whether I have to pay or I have to buy their product if they make up my face but they said this is just for free. Anyways, they did promote some make up base or whatever but I told them I dun have money haha. And plus, the best part was I got a sample of a make up base. Very cool huh? For a person who doesn’t really believe in make up, I trust these pretty girls to make over me. Ahha. The result? Pretty, seductive looking Nani. Hehehe. Seductive meh? Aiyak. Anyway, it was such a shame I did not snap a picture becus I didn’t bring along my cybershot. Rugi betul. If not u guys could see another nani. Hehe.

Make up is an astonishing invention. It could change a person. Well, I prefer to not be changed by make up. I prefer myself :D thanks to my Almighty J

Btw, about the gymnasium. I think I have to forget about it because, it will cost me a lot, so let’s exercise the free, easy way :P

MAKEUP is not the most inspired thing ppl in this world invent. For me, the best creations by human being are these things. The list goes until number 10 accordingly. Meaning that, number 1 is the best la. So, if u dun agree, y dun u make ur own list ^_^.

10 best inventions by human beings.

10. The internet – I couldn’t blog and u ppl couldn’t read all my nerve-racking and ridiculous thoughts

9. The washing machine – with this I could really sleep well at night

8. The Electric Fan – don’t blame me, I sweat a lot

7. Schools – it’s good being a teacher, and it’s good to learn in schools :D

6. The Kampung Boy – I’m so proud of you Lat~!

5. EPL – it is a good topic to argue with your soccer-fan soulmate :D (And also an excuse to lepak in mamak stalls till late at nightJ- only if ur not a clubbing party animal la)

4. Flip flop – this is a life saver. U can even wear it with baju kurung!

3. Cinema – I’m crazy for movies and the cinema is the reason why producers keep on creating first-class movies for movie-buff like myself :P

2. Chocolate – the folk who invented this really got good taste

1. Harry Potter novels – JK Rowling, nothing beats your novels. Honestly, I have read so many novels and I only fell in love deeply with the wizard-ous folk! J

Do you have a list of your own?


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