Sunday, 14 December 2008

it always starts from somewhere

hey. my heart says this:
somewhere in my heart, i wanna continue writing my poetry which i stopped 3 years ago

somewhere in my pancreas, i wannaa join the stage art community and dream on, become a primadona in my own little humble world.

somewhere in my brain, i wana learn to perform, speak loud and clear in front of strangers.

somewhere, somewhere. will this go anywhere? will i just..stay there?

i duno. but somewhere sounds like a good start.
maybe i'll just take it
and give it a shot
at least, i am going somewhere
no matter where it might take me,

1 comment:

Atie Kamil said...

gosh nani...we really want the same things...
atie minatt sesgt performing arts.
everyday wishing that i could be expressing ideas and thoughts through performing on stage.. to make this real ek?

mi amor

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