Monday, 8 December 2008

my sister and I and the chocolate factory

chocolate, anyone?

bismillahirrahmanirrahim :)
hey, it's eid today and selamat hari raya qurban to all of you. since our raya is not that fun (like we used to celebrate in pendang), my sister and i filled the day by opening our very own mini tiny chocolate factory. our menu was:-

1) chocolate pralines with cashew nuts
2) chocolate pralines with almonds
3) chocolate pralines with mixed fruit

our very own three types of chocolate pralines

4) chocolate dipped marshmallows

marshmallow fever!

whee :) the fun part was, they turned out really great. my sister said we created a cool delicious mess in the kitchen. indeed we did :P
anyways, i hate eid in KL. nothing to do. no houses to go. and moreover, dad is busy with the bukit antarabangsa massive landslide and i had not seen him for 3 days already. since the landslide. because he had to be there 24 hours. condolence to the victims.

this is indeed our second project at home. the first project was cheesecake and i did not take any pictures because the next morning, it was gone already. fancy, many cheesecake fans in the house. alert! ngee. what will our next project be? tune in to find out. maybe the most delicious brownies. haha. baking, cooking and pasta-ing. fun fun!
u should try too, especially during this looonngggg semester break :P

salam ppl

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