Thursday, 17 June 2010

all that, for this?

i am a person who likes to be excited over things (activities or ideas) that i would always talk about them (very excitedly and eagerly), even google them.
eventhough the other party might see what i am doing or what i am going to do is something ridiculous, not that important or something very.. like, small matter.
but hey,
do you know that sometimes, those small matters would give the biggest impact in life, and when you turn back to look at it, it could change your life, for the better.

for example, my students. they could not see what were the use of certain activities and things i did with them. it's frustrating to know that, it's just something for them. meaningless.

i am sorry for looking at the simple cute things.
but i know, this simple, small matter would make you remember the love i gave you

p/s i'm outa my mind. go figure!

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