Thursday, 29 January 2009

itchy mode

i am so very the boring at home and things started to get cheesy.
well, had fun with kak su yesterday, Bedtime Stories was hilarious! ngehehe
and in very weirdo kindof situation, i duno why i bought the 'pengantin' mag. OMG. syit.

i'm only 24 (this april), i told myself
is it the rite time for me to skim and scan this zine?

then i looked at it again and
it is the right time







(and of course, the perfect slimmer body, yet)

one day, ppl..
one day!


(gatai kan?)

well, and adding to my obsession (or shall i say, my academic passion)
i researched the net(tak tahan)
and found this,

cantik kan? i like!

and sum many more like this

maaf pemilik gambar, nani curik ya. haha

wateva la kan?
yes and oh yes.
i want to get married, and i want to tell the whole world about it

i just duno when

typical huh? a girl's dream is to get married, get good husband, find nice clothings for the ceremony
yeah i noe, typical
but who doesn't?
it will really be a big lie if i say egoistically that i never thought about my wedding
and how beautiful it would turn out to be
(tak rock a nani)

so what?
go to 'tut' with all those thoughts
i am a typical lady
nothing less or extra ordinary
a human being

and moreover,
kahwin kan ibadah?
haha :)

yah, layan layan
cheesy me :)
hokei? bye!

p/s and most importantly, getting married is not simple and easy. the decision to live with that someone you want will be a challenging road to travel, duh :) and i hope however challenging mine would be, i'll be alrite, though tears would come and go :)


k3i said...

ya nani! nani! nani!


p/s: sorakan dr pompom girl yg bernama k3i


Hannanika Chan said...

huahua :P
gila kan?
perangai dok buruk berangan nak kawen

tak kira ar.
hahaha :P

Surie Ridzuan said...

Nani ader dpt 'ilham' tak? hehehe

Hannanika Chan said...

surie: ada dpt sket :P hehehe

Md Zaini Zulkufli said...

ilham apa plak nih?..huhu

Anonymous said...


anda kata anda nk memboikot senarai keluaran u.s spt yg anda tulis dlm post sblum ini..

tp sy ada sedikit kekeliruan dgn semangat anda utk memboikot tu,

nape anda tgk Bedtime stories tu, sdgkan muvie tu hak milik waltdisney?

memboikot bukan sj pd barangan kperluan, tapi juga pada media2..

anyway sy kagum dgn anda krn anda ada insiatif utk memboikot walau x keseluruhannya..

teruskan usaha murni itu

maaf atas komen yg mengganggu.

cuci daki kaki said...

gatai ek skang..ish2..

Hannanika Chan said...

Anonymous :

maaf ya, sy tidak research kan bedtime stories itu. setelah sy masuk panggung sy lihat ia keluaran walt disney, dan sy alpakan poster nya itu. huu..
my bad.
lain kali sy research dulu movie spontan yg sy nk tengok itu keluaran mana :)

Hannanika Chan said...

jimi :
ko tau kan aku mmg gatal :P
ko pun gatal gak, lain cara ja :D

mi amor

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