Saturday, 14 February 2009

inferential meaning of joy

i know a story about friends

when friends eat together
they talk about all those things that matters
to their fun lives
and joy is the theme

the metaphor for friends would be 'body parts'
if something goes missing then you cannot function

'friends are like angels'
that would be the perfect simile

the setting could be anywhere
in our case, sungai petani is the place
and perhaps a lil bit of Tanjung Malim

i love all the characters in this story
they are lively
round characters
who develop from beginning to the end
all the 25 characters
all dynamic
all has tales of glory

the moral value would be
every connotations of
and many more others,
even dictionary cannot tell

many other literary elements
could be identified in the story

and the foreshadowing
remain unknown
because we could not see any

but hopes are high
dreams are big
we know everyone would make it

the most interesting part about this story is
it has no ending
if there is any
than life is, ending.

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