Monday, 9 February 2009

ingredients to a successful life/career


a bunch of 25 crazy future ESL teachers with attitude. i will miss everyone

just now during tutorial, our tutors, mdm shirley and mdm quinnie asked us about our ingredients to a successful life/career. everyone had a chance to give a noun. i had many nouns. as i am the last person (according to sitting arrangement) i had many options and i could just cancel out the ones that other people chose. and also, i managed to copy down everyone's ingredient. here's the list
kalut : optimism
Lian : development
Winnie : luck

In : motivation
Kas: spirit
riss : professionalism
milah : passion
g-da : confidence
Odah : motivation
Maddy : discipline

ejat : passion
Najat : patience
tqah : love

jeyanthi : determination
azmi : perserverence

wani : money
eva : myself
faiz : tenacity
wan : intelligence
christine : determination
camel : endurance

boy : passion
matt : hope
me, myself and I : friends
mdm quinnie : attitude
mdm shirley : attitude

why is maddy's one in green?
after the coming out with nouns, we did some calculation
it turned out that 'attitude' and 'discipline' scored 100 marks, which is the positive one.
that's really cool huh?

what do you call a class with 25 amazing, wonderful, wicked, bubbly and different people in it?
it's cohort 2, ipsah-upsi

as long as the name
we will forever remain in a long relationship
although time will come when we will part
in 3 months time

there'll be no more ping pongs in the afternoon
and no more nite outs at leboss or hotmas.

i just couldn't face that

we are so used to each other
that it would be so scary to watch everyone leave
we're getting old
and we are parting.
god bless us all


Your Average Mat said...

Haha... Going to miss you too Nani.. You are quite right on how we are so used to each other. I cant imagine life without you guys. Heh..

Well.. at least we have blogspot, facebook and Yahoo messenger to keep in touch with.


gda Mokhtar said...

sob sob...
what an expression can i give.
definitely, we're so used to each other ---
no more laughing out loud in the room
no more teasing each other (everywhere)
no more walking, ping ponging, badmintoning together
no more making fun of malay drama and mag (spaQ specially)
the facts of life sometimes hurt!

wanderfulmadnificent said...

ehem ehem, does gda have a blog that we are not aware of? :p

i will miss everyone too but maybe its for the best, because things happen for a reason and another 6 years could hurt, lol :p

btw, my parents always tell me that discipline is vital to succeed in life, its just up to me to be that much discipline and i always push myself but sometimes stumble in the process of it all. but everyone knows that you have God but you need discipline for so many things even related to matters of God so that's y i always believe in the power of discipline!

so let us all become a discipline wholly wholesome nutricious teacher! wuuhuu!

and i will miss this last sem so much more now, sob :'(

Hannanika Chan said...

sob2. u ppl better be writing ur blogs even when we are not together anymore. just wana see how u guys will be doing. it would be really fun reading those stories. okay?
even though we're apart, the so-used-to-be-together part will always occur online after this may huh ppl?

oh how i love technology.

ejat said...

i will b missing u guys 2...hahaha xpa, kita wat reunion kerap2 ckit ^_^

mi amor

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