Friday, 6 March 2009

old memories spring out

i had this memory when i was in my primary years


i use to have really intensive swimming practice when i was 9-12 years old. especially when tournaments dates came, swimming will be like half of the day. leaving me tanned and stripy skin of course. but, it was always fun when i was in the water. the feeling is different when you're on land u noe. and i always remember Sujie, who is now a synchronize swimmer for the country (she went to bukit jalil sport's school) and also Su Yi who is the best swimmer of us all (She could do all strokes effortlessly even in 4x50 rampaian) and also kak alia, who i could not recall the face anymore.

i use to really love swimming, and never get tired of it.

the memories are all coming back to me. the smell of the chlorine, the plunging in, the bobbing, the tiredness, the water in my nose..everything..
i couldn't finish a 50m lap of freestyle yesterday and i have to stop nearly when i reached 40 m because i was so tired. what happened to me? my stamina is all over the place. syut.

today, things started to get better. i finished all my laps and i improved on my time.
it's all in the matter of practice.
but how to practice?
morning and afternoon, with classes, performances, assignments and all?
i just cannot seem to fulfill everything.
and tiredness conquer

couldn't wait for any holidays
repairing my system, and becoming lazier

which is not good.

it's a matter of choice, nani
if you can do it, then you will


Lekays said...

go nani go! :D

darik dlu tringin nak swimming... tetapi selepas kejadian hitam dulu..... *pernah tenggelam mase buat2 tau berenang dalam kolam orang dewase mase umo saploh taon....*

tobat dahhh~~

wanderfulmadnificent said...

its also a matter of pushing yourself to the limits because if it was up to choice, perhaps the pressure might drown us, sigh~

this is metaphorically saying ;)

and i want or need to push myself to the limits :(

gda Mokhtar said...

chaiyok nani!!!
aku menyokong dari blakang...

Your Average Mat said...

You have to beat me in swimming first. I have river behind my house where I use to berkubang everyday.

Bila mau try?

Mr Daha said...

Erm... mane gambar baju renang akak yang mahal dan islamic tu? :P
hehehe... requesting for pic.. :P

Hafiz-u-ddin said...

kak nani,
is it true that you can swim?

fakta ke auta ni?

umm, why don't you publish your swimming pictures?

photoshop a bit to cover your face?

Hannanika Chan said...

@Maddy: yes we have to. caiyok to both of us...!
@MAt: hahaha. datangla aimst and kita lawan!
@Gda: thanks babe!
@daha: uish. have to put pictures ke? adoi. very the malu laaa
@Hafizudin: adoi. why have to censored face? pictures? very malu lah :P

Md Zaini Zulkufli said...

Viel Glück!

mayzlene said...

i believe u knw wat u want rite?? n u definitely want this badly.. hehhe... so wats the reason of waiting?? go for it!! achieve wat u want as long as u can... meileng tau kak nani blehnya...hehhhe

mi amor

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