Saturday, 28 March 2009

why rainbow?

that day after a full-court basketball game with my juniors of IPSAH, i walked back along the road of lovely IPSAH and i saw a beautiful fresh rainbow in the sky. yes, we played in the rain and yet, nothing could ever stop the intesity of the game. it was an irresistable game, and as anyone who knew me knew, that rain is not a stopper for me when sports is what i am doing.

the rainbow was softly blend in the sky, making it really pastel and blurry at the same time. i could see it at the end of the IPSAH field. it was breathtaking.
how often do you see a rainbow and felt awe about it?
how often do you feel the same as when you saw a rainbow, in the sky, after the rain, in the very wet cold atmosphere, with the smell of the grass mixed with the rain water?

how often?

why do people like rainbow so much?
tranquility, i should say, in the most humble sense.
it's a feelings you can only imagine but not say.
the analogy could be compared as this:
you sit in front of someone iresistably cute (to your eyes only, i mean)
how do you feel?
it is as if you're seeing a rainbow in front of you
how do you feel?

it's true, that God made this world so beautiful for a reason.
whenever you are stuck in the terrible world, there's always somewhere or someone you could turn to.

everyone dream(s) about happiness.
and it is found in the simplest thing of the world

i shall seek it :)

and thanks to Yasmin Ahmad,
the director of Talentime for making me cry in the cinema yesterday, which i rarely do.

the songs are a masterpiece, i would like to buy the album, please.
and surely, it will be one of the movies that i will remember for the rest of my life.

my favourite quote by Mahesh

"if you want me to forget her, I will. But please teach my heart how to forget, because my heart doesn't know how"
(i think it goes that way, i couldn't remember)
all the chats between hafiz and his mom, embun who was dying.
i cried over the simplest gestures between the mother and son.

this movie is a must watch.
and i want to do so for the second time.
irisestibly beautiful, touching and remarkable.

life's great!


Anonymous said...

kak nani..
i have a doubt whether u recognized me or not...
but Talentime did the same to me...
the movie's so nice...
i remember Melur's sis said this...
"when you are in pain, it's time for you to be brilliant"..
i like it..

Hannanika Chan said...

@azu. of courese i recognise u :) well, it's a cool movie huh? i like it and i wana see it for the second time

Md Zaini Zulkufli said...

tgk muvi x ajak..huuuu

Anonymous said...

i've watched the movie again...
the first time on saturday, 2nd on sunday..
of course i cried again..
waiting for the dvd and the soundtrack album..:)

wanderfulmadnificent said...

ala nani, ciplak org nyee 'saying of the moment'! bek :p

mi amor

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