Saturday, 21 August 2010

happy ramadhan

Ramadhan is here and I am so happy about it
i love going to the mussolla with both my parents every night but when i'm in Langkawi with guilt I do it at home for some reasons.

I always love to pledge a bit during every ramadhan. i couldn't remember what i pledge for last Ramadhan but it's almost the same every year.

1) I pledge to not abandon my solat. or even better, not delaying it. also to improve my solat in many terms, the movement, consistency, the recitation, the khushuk-ness and everything about it. i want a perfect solat.
2) I pledge to cover my aurah, not just my hair, but also the shape of my chest and body, to wear descent hijabs, which cover the upper part of my body, no more skinny jeans even though my top is long, also my both feet to be covered with socks, wear long sleeves t-shirt, no more 3/4 sleeves and cover my butt.
3) I pledge to teach sincerely, because of AllahSWT, not giving up, doing my best, treat it as Ibadah, and sacrifice for the sake of my students.
4) I pledge to be a good daughter, sister, fiancée and friend. i want to give the best for everyone so that they'll feel happy with me and for me, and i shall grant them my doa' and i hope i'm mentioned in their doa'.
5) I pledge to take care of my iman, not to go out so often with my fiancée unless it's for our wedding preparation, treat my future in-laws best and avoid anything that would wreck the blessing by Allah in our relationship.
6) I pledge to fulfill my Ramadhan with terawikh, quran readings, fasting perfectly event hough sometimes i feel very tired.
7) I pledge not to go to bazaar Ramadhan anymore, because I tend to waste the food at the end of the day. homemade cooking is always the best.

i think that's all I have to pledge for now :)
I would be pledging to be a good wife in the next Ramadhan. Ameen :)


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wanderfulmadnificent said...

a blessed ramadhan indeed ^_^

keep it up babeh ♥

mi amor

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