Wednesday, 25 August 2010

tangled up

i was quite tangled up few days back.
having to neglect my daily internet routine of writing blog or reading my friends' status on facebook.
that's the price I pay for being a teacher but it's all worth it.
On Monday I had one of the most challenging day of my career.
The SPM trial is on and Tuesday is the English paper, and i was so worried that my students are quite out of...shape.
I did some tuition for a class after school and for another class during the night.
and i didn't even have the time to shower, so after iftar, i put on my clothes and deo with a spray of perfume just to cover the smell. haha. silly. this is for them.
and that night they were supposed to be in the musolla but i managed to convince them to come to me.
before i get out of my house i prayed to Allah that she blesses me even though i did it at night like that, and for the sacrifice of their terawikh (mine too) is worth it.
Alhamdulillah, the next day what I targeted (all paper 1 and 2) came out and the students were smiling and thank God i did extra class with them :)))))))

and today is a good day and we're cooking and it's weekend and so many great news yesterday, payday and bla bla bla. haha :P

and today while in the market a bird pooped on my hijab, i fell down in front of the washing machine and spilled the brand new Downy on the floor and I also spilled a brand new soy sauce when i was opening it. they said u would be in the best of luck after a bird pooped on you. they're totally wrong!

gtg, i think my cocktail and milo puding is burnt!
adios amigos~

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