Tuesday, 19 May 2009

bio - nik

yesterday i watched this new drama by KRU production - bio - nik.
actually, it' awesome to see the effort done by our young Malaysians, who really want to go beyond the walls, out of the box, into the sky and make wonders out of it.
to me, it's a good story, with the good visuals and i bet there is more to come on the next episodes.


as an english teacher, i could not let things such as grammatical errors ruin my interest towards the story.
indeed, the grammatical errors in the story was obvious, and it made me correct them, in front of the tv screen. like a teacher. sigh..

bio-nick is bilingual...or specificially, it uses code-switching.
which is actually good. 
please, producers, directors and script writers.
if you want to use bilingual or if you want to code switch,
please mind the grammar. please oh please.

i noe we are using Manglish, the manglish society.
but what i heard last nite was not even manglish at all.
it's standard english.
even our manglish is grammatically correct!

examplia gratia 1 :
"we tried everything we could" says the doctor.
and the subtitle was:
"kami sudah cuba sedaya upaya"
the correct one should be:
"we've tried everything we could"

examplia gratia 2 :
"he's only my son" says the mum.
and the subtitile was:
"dia satu-satunya anak lelaki saya"
erk...the one up there means"
"dia hanya anak lelaki aku"
so what?

and many more, i couldn't write.

the question is, why code switch when you can use the Bahasa Maysia confidently?
and whatsmore, there are english subtitles down there, then why use english, make mistakes out of it and decrease the quality of the script?

these are just questions.

i think we should stick to one.
it's either english, or manglish or BM.

and do you guys watch spa-q?
urghhh..the code switching is annoyinggggg!
"Zafrul, i think kan, yu jangan la do that again"


i'm sorry.
i'm an english teacher to be.
i can't help it.
also, my thesis was on error feedback.
that's why i'm so particular!

we don't want ppl to laugh.
and kill ppl's interest.

i'm not perfect too.
but i noe the industry could do something for this.

(mind my 'internet' language and spelling. this is a blog. bio -  nik is a drama you watch on tv. so, it's not wrong to use the 'internet' language :P)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

hehahahah...u are damn right n genius!

sebetulnya,perkara2 sebegitu perlu dititik beratkan,,sebab itulah pekerjaan mereka selaku GURU BAHASA..kalau setakat nak buat kerja seperti batuk dilepas ke tangga..

lets bring down the civilisation..

mcm citer terminator salvation

perghh..serius plak aku comment,,

yg benar,

-farid samat-

mi amor

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