Wednesday, 27 May 2009

to write, or not to?

have you ever thought that you could scribble
and scribble
and mumble the words on the paper
till it is all out?

have you ever known how much
how much
flair you had 
to put thoughts into lines?

have you ever asked yourself to stop
and put a fullstop
of things you do not want people to read
but it is too late?

being a writer is not that painless
you write and people got hurt
and they call you sarcastic
or even worse
back stabber

and they often ask you to reflect yourself
before you could write about their imperfections.
they tell you that you are not that impeccable, too.

and then you start to wonder.
aren't we all the same?
because I write to remind you,
and you should write to remind me too.

it is vice-versa
don't you get it?


kamilah ahmad @ ahmaddiah said...

fuhh, ni marah + bengang ke nani? :p heheh..

Hannanika Chan said...

@ milah : taklah. dh terkeluar dari kepala otak :P

wanderfulmadnificent said...

eh nani, seriouslyyy these words are REALLY NICE!! i mean it, when i read it, its uber cool! i read it twice and its nice, the words speak back to me, so wah, keep it up! kudos!

but izzit meant for someone because somehow i feel that duncha geddit part is pointing to someone? coz apart from that, the words are wuuhoo!!

Hannanika Chan said...

@ maddy : no. it's for sesape yang terasa aje. actually it's for no one. hahaha :) adoi, silap paham pulak nanti. I was just trying to put words together. that last part was just out of nowhere punya idea :)

thanks anyway :)
ngeh ngeh.
u sudah packing ka?

adawiah.zaini said...

well, life is about giving & taking, kan? lame. hehe. btw, ni lagu apa ye kt page akak ni?

Hannanika Chan said...

@ ada : ternyata by estrella :)

Mr Daha said...

nice said.. :)

biasa la tu.. kdg2 ada orang yg trasa bc post kita.. aku pnah kne sound ngn lecturer lagi sbb tulis smthing psl dia kat blog. padahal xda ape2 sangat pun.. hu3..

mi amor

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