Wednesday, 21 July 2010

big day #10: colour pallates :)

since mix and match is a good way to go i think i'm gonna match my electric blue with another really contrasting colour :) yes, and my mind is stuck with electric blue+very light yellow.
yes, i could actually picture my dress and his attire, holding hands. a dream wedding, simple, and memorable enough for both of us and our loved ones :)
been addicted to this pretty blog oh do visit i'm sure you're gonna be addicted just as i am :P
here are my favourites to go with electric blue :)

my first choice!
and i can use sunflowers for hand bouquet!


blue white and lighter blue :)
next up:
the theme for his side :)


[z@ck] said...

wud go for blue+gold

nani said...

really? cantik jugak kan zack? :)ngeeess

Q said...

yellow and blue..kelainan skit..mula2 i pon nak kaler nie..kalau u amik i cari kaler len..hahahha

nani said...

@Q: kelainan kan? lor, takpelah babe, u can take this colour too, bukan sama sejibik kan? lgpun, i tanak menghalang sape2, so kalo ade idea same nk wat cemane kan? :)

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