Monday, 19 July 2010

teaching is not a misery

i've been a teacher for 1 year and 6 days.
still i think i haven't improved that much.

oh dear

i don't know what and how to do with these group of students.
when i act like friends with them they appreciated me
but as time passed by, things didn't get any better.
when i scold them and became a 'teacher' they were angry at me and told me that i have bad mood and i was not like i always used to be.
so what shall i do my dear boys ?
tell me, boys,
what am i to do?


Arysha Ismael said...

sabar babe!!

♥♥ eija ♥♥ said...

saya tahu...
sebab saya pun cikgu jugak....

apa yang perlu dibuat, yang saya praktikkan sabar, dan buat keje kita dengan iklhas nak jadi ape pun jadi lahh...
yang penting kita tahu keje kita sebagai guru..

nani said...

@kchah : masih boleh bersabar. tarik muke seposen and smile to them.
@ieja: itulah kan. bersabar is always the best medicine. istighfar, and doakan yang terbaik for them, never underestimate and hina them :)

Anonymous said...

salam nanie...check out these pages!

i love this the most! super-cool!

happy planning!

mi amor

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