Sunday, 25 July 2010

never got to know somebody like you

when my students told me that they never ever got to know a teacher like me (pls vomit blood) i was flattered.
so what kind of teacher have you guys ever had?
"you never write our names in the orange book."
(the orange book is where you write all the stupid things students do, that's how it goes in my school, it's called buku kawalan ponteng or the book-to-know-what-happened-in-class).

me : so what makes you think i did not tell the authorities what you do?

"we believe you wouldn't. you're just such a nice person" (ok, pls vomit blood again)

the truth is dear,
i just don't have the guts to do so.
and, i just think that it wouldn't make things any better,
if i ignore you either.
so i just tell and tell,
and give you some pieces of advise
by telling how i dealt with my teachers when i was your age.

and alhamdulillah things get better.
it's a matter of patience.
i'm glad that i am a person who was born without knowing the existence of GRUDGE until now.
i'm so happy that when i screamed to you like hell with the highest pitch you ever heard, the feeling disappear after you obeyed. (oh yes, you should ask my students how this teacher turned into a witch at times)
it was a good thing that i always forget after i was angry to any of you.

i'm still telling stories to my students about how i cope high school and they thought i had a really cool high school moment.
indeed i had :)
if you're COMICSian i guess you'll know better :)


Nora a.k.a Aira said...

bestnyer dengar keletah anak murid..xsabarnya nora nak ngajar :))

k3ma said...

ms first year ngajar..tu laa bdk2 tu ckp kat aku..hmmm~

kalo makin behave xpe weih, kalo makin melampau?? lu pikirla sendiri... huhuhu...

nani said...

@nora : hehe. sila2 cepat posting. best actually :)
@kema: hehehe. budak2 skrg mmg susah :) mencuba dan terus mencuba~sigh

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