Friday, 16 July 2010

big day #9 : photo booth

since i decided not to have a wedding dais for the big day, i want a DIY photo booth, with my own design, created by myself, and with the help of people around me to set it up (mr f you'd be one of them).
so, i have no idea whatsoever but many inspirations through the net. ooohhh wonderful the cyberspace is :) here are diamonds and lilies for eyes like mine :)

i want this this this! (the blackboard is soooooooo cool)
no need to waste the trees for guestbook

very cute and classic!

sooo simple yet romantic :)

kindly vote please :)


k3ma said...

i dun think u cud find the small blackboard anymore, but IF.. there is,that wud be AWESOME!!! classic~~~ vote for blackboard!

the last 1 oso nice, yes it is~ romantic... *oh, love is soooo in the air~~~* >.<

LuvlySis said...

Combination : the blackborad + the last. cam best jak.

nani said...

@kema: omg kema, just now i wemt out to shopping complex to buy sum stuff n guess what, jumpe blackboard kecik rm9.90, and i granned two of 'em. LOL ROFLMAO, i terus beli without thinking. hehehe. yes, awesome dan terlalu awal to buy but so what, tak luak pun. kene pastikan tak hilang. wakakakaka :P
@luvlysis : ooohhh...i think so too. nice2. thnks!

nani said...

omg.i made a lot of spelling mistakes for the previous comment, wakakakakaka. too excited!

k3ma said...

omg omg...good job nani!!! hahhaah..better buy now b4 its too late..kan kan?

ElyaElmo said...

oowh nice!! sgt creativee :D

kay kamal said...

im planning on one too..just to spice up the reception.hehe

mi amor

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