Friday, 23 July 2010

tuition vs additional class vs formal class

as you know,
i am doing private tuition to my students and the residents of Ayer Hangat.
what's the good thing a bout my private tuition?
very small group, maximum only 4 students one night, which i can really focus one on one and answer each question one by one.
i also got to focus on their mistakes more, and was able to understand what their core problem in the English language. it was fun, except the fact that i was really guilty upon receiving the payment but hey, they were really committed to this and they said my price is cheaper compared to those in town.

what about additional class?
this morning i did free additional class, for the whole class of 5ST.
it was all right, just that my students rather have me spoon all the answers to them than trying to think of the answers on their own. argghhh. quite frustrated you see? i was expecting these first class students to not depend on me too much. and yes, i gave them some preach about thinking and standing on their own feet and glad it worked out. they said 'sorry teacher' and they started squeezing their brains for answers and did not leave a blank waiting for my answers. whew.

both i love, actually, all three.
i have a great time teaching in the formal classroom.
i have a blast teaching additional classes.
i have fun doing tuition class.

i love what i do.


Md Zaini Zulkufli said...

good for you :)
semoga tuhan permudahkan urusan kamu ya :)

[z@ck] said...

keep it up sis..
nanti boleh la nak minta tips dari sis =)

nani said...

@b: terima kasih sayang :)
@zack : boleh2. no problem :)

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