Thursday, 15 July 2010

big day #8 my favourite

my favourite wedding dress would be looking like this, some sort of

i read online that people like me (who has the height but not the weight) should wear dress that will not show off my butt and waist, so the cut will start under the bust. they believe that it is the smallest part of a person, my type. totally agree. and i heart this design above so much! gonna be my inspiration, simple, nice and sweet. but, not that colour because i have my heart on electric blue.

so to all b2b out there who have the same body proportion as mine
weight 65-80kgs
height 164-167 cm
this is your type of dress!
hehe :) of course those with slimmer body are eligible as well :P

source: tak ingt, kalau sesape punye, sy mintak maap


[z@ck] said...

cantik2..muslimah btul..

an_nissa89 said...

wahh!! gorgeous sgt!! for me,i would prefer it to be green in color..hehe..cewwah.. =)

Anonymous said...

wow nicenyer baju wedding ney....but saya dh tempahla...huhuhu...salam perkenalan...;p

Arysha Ismael said...

wahh..cantik babe..seswai ngan u...elegant je nampakkk...

nani said...

@zack : haah. ala2 muslimah kan? :)
@nisa : green is niceeeee :P
@ jihan : yeke?hehe. u kn nk tema arabic for ur wedding..salam perkenalan and good luck yeah? :)
@kchah : nice. inshaallah and amin it would look okay. ngeee. muah2

Nora a.k.a Aira said...

cantek dan elegan =)

mi amor

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